Introducing Claydropsdesigns (Sunday 28th November 2021)

We’re a talented family, my little lot. The hubby Rob Spooner is an author. My son is a drummer, my younger daughter a skilled artist, and my older daughter (in addition to being mum to my two fabulous grandchildren) makes her own unique range of polymer clay earrings. She is completely self-taught, and currently in the hobby-that-could-perhaps-become-a-business phase, working it out as she goes along. Claydropsdesigns can be found online at etsy and will also (when I get my act together in the next few days) be available here at SomewhereinwestCornwall via the Shop page. I am particularly taken with these gingerbread men, and of course the various bee-themes danglers – and, my personal favourite, the knitted polo-neck-jumper danglies, which just happen to be an exact match to my own favourite winter-snuggle sweater, with which I’ve been wearing them. And then of course there are the Christmas specials …

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