Museums, who needs ’em? (Sunday 10th July 2022)

You really do have to wonder what goes on in the minds of County Council representatives, and their chums in the finance department.

‘Where can we save a few thousand quid, hmmm?!’

‘How about we quit funding the the Royal Cornwall Museum?’

‘What, Cornwall’s premier museum in the centre of Truro, Cornwall’s Capital City?’

‘Yeah. That’.

‘What, you mean the Royal Cornwall Museum, which is not *just* a visitor thing, y’know, like, where you go to look at a load of old stuff, but a secure depository for a whole array of priceless items evidencing 4,000 years of Cornish history and heritage – including the Courtney Library and Archive: a unique collection of 40,000 printed books, pamphlets and periodicals, as well as transcripts, manuscripts, individual archive collections, original newspapers and engravings, maps and more …’


‘Right … ok … and if we cut the funding, the place will close?’

yeah. If we cut the finding, the place will close. Of course it will. Can’t keep it running without funding, doh. So, yeah, all of that really important, valuable, irreplaceable STUFF will be lost …’

‘Oh’. I see. Right. Well that would be a terrible loss. But, what the hell, eh, yeah, go ahead, cut the funding – excellent idea!

And so it is.

If you think this is wrong, and want to help challenge this insane decision, you can sign the petition here: make your thoughts heard.