Hello and welcome to¬†Somewhere in West Cornwall. My name is Lisa Spooner. I’ve lived in west Cornwall for over two decades. I’m a beekeeper, wild garden and allotment grower, writer, occasional artist, and post-graduate Doctoral research student, with a range of projects on the go. I also just happen to live with so-called ‘invisible’ disabilities complex regional pain syndrome and photosensitive migraine, which together impact on life in many ways. My blog is therefore a jumble of musings on my my various pursuits, life in general and also sometimes, yes, a comment or two about health – not in a whingey-whiney ‘oh poor me’ kinda way, but in a proactive approach to managing positive health, primarily through nutrition and lifestyle: point being that life is for living, and I am not going to let health limits stop me (though I have learned to give them the respect they deserve, and adjust my expectations – and activities – accordingly).

Joining me here is my husband, the author Rob Spooner, whose book FM247: This is Radio Binfield is available to buy via my Shop page. Here you will find a selection of products, including my own hand-crafted beeswax candles and a selection of other items, all carefully chosen for their unique quality and style – including, the ClayDrops range of handcrafted polymer clay earrings, exclusively available here at SomewhereinwestCornwall.