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The blurb that accompanied the serialisation of ‘FM247: Radios In Motion’ via the online book club, ‘The Pigeonhole’, in October, 2021 …


Lugwin Loggins is in recovery from a psychotic episode at Speedwell Hospital in the countryside of Binfield State. He is haunted by a dream of his childhood and a psychotherapist, Dr. Beradi, encourages Lugwin to explore the meaning of this dream via radio therapy.

STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN … when Lugwin moves to Pier View Court, a supported housing unit for people with mental health problems, overlooking Binfield Pier.

Shorty Mendip, who produces Lugwin’s radio show, goes missing. Liza Radley, the Occupational Therapist who Lugwin develops a longing for, leaves her job suddenly. And then Dr. Beradi is arrested on suspicion of ‘false imprisonment.’

IT’S A MYSTERY … but how will it unravel? Tune into FM247: Radios In Motion to find out


Born in Rochford, Essex, in 1960, Rob Spooner lives in Penzance and works as a social worker in adult social care. Rob volunteers at West Cornwall’s Coast FM as a DJ, ‘Rob Noxious’, and presents ‘The Spinning Disc Preservation Society’.


  • ” A superbly crafted and thoroughly professional piece of work and one of the most engaging and evocative manuscripts with which we are proud to be associated” – Kindle Book Publishing.
  • “This novel has great psychological depth and plenty for the reader to contemplate and reflect upon” – Yanina Goldenberg, co-author of ‘The Edge Of Spring: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry.’
  • “A pop novel meets concept album with DJ overdubs – it’s time to crank up the unusual music-related stories of FM247 once again!” – Andrew Worsdale, co-author of ‘FM247: This Is Radio Binfield!’