Readers’ Reviews

Robert, I’m enjoying your book as I feel that I know how Lugwin feels. I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar and when my dark times come, I turn to my playlists on YouTube to carry me through. I have not read such a good description of the way I feel at times.‘ ( Lilian JC, 8th October 2021)

I’d love to read the prequel. I, unfortunately, cannot leave a review as I do not have an Amazon or Goodreads account. You took me right out of my reading comfort zone as this is definitely not my usual literature.‘ ( Lilian JC, 17th October 2021)

Any book that trails an eclectic list of pop standards, punk classics & B-side oddities through a tale of dreams, assassinations & mental illness is bound to peak my interest, but this warm-hearted fable of reconstruction & reconciliations is made more enjoyable for the sheer enthusiasm of the author for his subjects. Make yourself the required mix-tape, pour a glass of something nostalgic & press play …’ (Phil Burdett, 10th September 2021)

This novel has great psychological depth and plenty for the reader to contemplate and reflect upon.” (Yanina Goldenberg, co-author of The Edge Of Spring: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry’)

This is a very unusual novel but don’t be put off – it’s actually really good! It is not just about the ever-growing issues with mental health problems. There is a fascinating, well-written storyline, a little crime and a little romance. Knowledge of the music scene may help but is certainly not necessary. Readers who know both Essex and Cornwall will recognise places – and even if not, they will be drawn into this interesting story. If you want to read something a little different, then this one is for you! (BH – 29th August 2021)

I am really enjoying this book . A real antidote to to all the other struggles. It’s well written and hugely entertaining and takes you off guard. Full of humanity and the Music titles are so evocative as a reader too. I believe there may also be Podcast to accompany this from the Author. Go buy it.’ (Alan Furneaux, 1st September 2021)

“What to say, this book had me hooked from the word go. DJ Emperor takes us for a trip down memory lane in his conversations about his life and his mental health challenges, using music as the conductor. Made me take a walk along my lane of memories too, helped by many of the tracks that were talked about. The ability to deal with life compassionately and lovingly shines through along with the sense of community and connection. It was so good to be reminded that these qualities have existed in our societies and even though diminished still do as we have seen through Covid.
The courage to be seen despite all the challenges of life, is the challenge in this book. It also reminds me of the Serenity prayer, to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can…… more power to you Mr Spooner and thanks for the trip.”
(Kriss, ‘Goodreads’, 26.10.21)