Readers’ Reviews

Robert, I’m enjoying your book as I feel that I know how Lugwin feels. I’ve been diagnosed as bipolar and when my dark times come, I turn to my playlists on YouTube to carry me through. I have not read such a good description of the way I feel at times.‘ ( Lilian JC, 8th October 2021)

I’d love to read the prequel. I, unfortunately, cannot leave a review as I do not have an Amazon or Goodreads account. You took me right out of my reading comfort zone as this is definitely not my usual literature.‘ ( Lilian JC, 17th October 2021)

Any book that trails an eclectic list of pop standards, punk classics & B-side oddities through a tale of dreams, assassinations & mental illness is bound to peak my interest, but this warm-hearted fable of reconstruction & reconciliations is made more enjoyable for the sheer enthusiasm of the author for his subjects. Make yourself the required mix-tape, pour a glass of something nostalgic & press play …’ (Phil Burdett, 10th September 2021)

This novel has great psychological depth and plenty for the reader to contemplate and reflect upon.” (Yanina Goldenberg, co-author of The Edge Of Spring: A Collection of Contemporary Poetry’)

This is a very unusual novel but don’t be put off – it’s actually really good! It is not just about the ever-growing issues with mental health problems. There is a fascinating, well-written storyline, a little crime and a little romance. Knowledge of the music scene may help but is certainly not necessary. Readers who know both Essex and Cornwall will recognise places – and even if not, they will be drawn into this interesting story. If you want to read something a little different, then this one is for you! (BH – 29th August 2021)

I am really enjoying this book . A real antidote to to all the other struggles. It’s well written and hugely entertaining and takes you off guard. Full of humanity and the Music titles are so evocative as a reader too. I believe there may also be Podcast to accompany this from the Author. Go buy it.’ (Alan Furneaux, 1st September 2021)