Radio Therapy: A musical memoir

Here’s a press release about it: –

Rob Spooner’s ‘Radio Therapy: A musical memoir’ is going live. You’re invited to tune into this radio show in words. It’s a collection of ‘Our Tunes’-type stories telling of journeys into the world of mental ill-health and how popular music helps the novella’s key characters to explore how their respective personal histories have led them there. 

It’s an interesting concept with references to popular music in its chapter titles which descend in an order of numbers from 100 to 1, just like a pop chart. It is narrated in the style of a personal radio broadcast.

This fictional musical memoir is a prequel to FM247: Radios In Motion, Rob’s ‘pop’ novel published last year. It’s set in 1999. Lugwin Loggins, DJ narrator, is broadcasting from The Southern Star, a community radio station moored in Harbour Head, a fishing village in west Cornwall. Lugwin has experienced mental health problems whilst in Harbour Head that led to his admission to a psychiatric hospital for treatment of depression. Whilst there, Lugwin has strange dreams with musical connections. An occupational therapist encourages him to write a memoir that begins with a description of these dreams.

Lugwin is traumatised by past loss which is exacerbated following his break-up with Donna Raven who he moved to Cornwall to be with. He finds inspiration in his radio stories and sends cassette-tape copies of his broadcasts to a childhood friend from his hometown of Binfield-on-Sea, Winston ‘Wiz’ Wyndham, with whom he shared a love of the radio.

Donna visits Lugwin to tell him that she is pregnant. Lugwin is shocked and returns to Binfield to try to make sense of some of the issues from his past and in hope that he will see Wiz again. Lugwin’s mental health unravels further and he is admitted to Speedwell hospital where Doctor Beradi helps him via ‘Radio Therapy’. Can this radio therapy help Lugwin to overcome his past experiences and manage his brittle mental health? Tune into this countdown of one hundred tracks and their associated stories to find out.

Radio Therapy: A musical memoir is published by The Conrad Press, the largest independent publisher of books in the UK, on July 14th, 2022.  ISBN: 9781914913846.