Honey is bee vomit. 

This one is high up there on the list of ‘scare tactics’ designed to put people off eating honey.  And I’ll admit, it does have the ‘eugh’ factor.  But it depends what you mean by ‘vomit’.  If, as a human, you came staggering home late after a night on the booze, stopping off for a kebab along the way – and as you stumbled in through the door barfed up the alcohol-soaked-semi-digested contents of your stomach, this would be vomit, and not something that you would want to, 1) share with your friends, or 2) shovel into a storage container to save for later.  Pic_BeeAnatomyIf, however, you were a honey bee, you would have two stomachs.  Yes, that’s right, and a fairly major point that these vegan propaganda bloggers somehow ‘forget’ to mention.  Honey bees have two stomachs.  One is the ‘true’ stomach; part of their digestive system.  The other is a purpose-specific and much larger ‘honey stomach’.  Not a part of the digestive system, but a separate organ entirely, serving as shopping bag, mixing bowl, cooking pot and storage container all in one, where nectar (a sweet sticky liquid collected from flowers) is stored and processed into honey before being packed for storage in the hexagonal comb cells – from where it can later be retrieved as needed.  Yes, it is enzymes in the honey stomach that transform the nectar into honey.  And yes, the process involves passing the nectar/honey from bee to bee, each taking a turn in the work – but hey, this is bees, not humans.  And not ‘vomit’.