My chamomile Lawn (or at least, that is the plan … ) …

I have never been a great fan of the lawn.  All that grass – and all that mowing!  It just seems like a waste of valuable space – and time (all that mowing!) – that could be put to much better use.  I do of course appreciate the value of an level expanse of green loveliness to sit out on, on a warm summers afternoon.  But I just don’t like grass.  So when we came to view this house and decided that it was ‘the one’, I knew immediately that the lawn had just got to go.

DSCN4202I do, however, use the term ‘lawn’ rather loosely here.  It is not so much a lawn but more a small rectangle of grass, roughly 15ft by 10ft in size; edged on three sides with rather ugly pavement and an even uglier ‘patio’ effort on the forth.  From here the ugliness continued, with a slightly pointless and somewhat hazzardous are of concrete overlaid with gravel, and some extremely dangerous steps leadning to the back gate.

rea outside the back door.  was, in the summer, more accurately at the time, more of a meadow, with the house standing empty for several months before we moved in, and he previous residents clearly not much into gardening.   A foot or so high when we came to view, by the time we actually got to take up residence several months later, the tall fluffy seedheads breezed about on stems nearly two foot tall, which quite soon collapsed over and died; the dead stems then rotting down quite naturally over the coming months – particularly with us having so much rain.   Writing in mid-January, the grass is again beginning to sprout up, and

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